I flew to the Island of Hawaii’ for the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in November.  While I was there, we participated in coffee farm tours and purchasing green Kona coffee beans that I roasted right there on the Oka Family Farm!  I became friends with the Oka family and was fascinated with their story of four generations running the family farm.  They graciously invited me to use their Ashe Fluid bed roaster to roast the beans while overlooking the Pacific Ocean!  What a treat!  Please enjoy watching the video below as I learn from the master roaster, Keola Oka the proper way to roast these rare and precious beans!  I would also like to note that the Oka Family Farm was awarded the prestigious 50th annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s “Chef’s Award”  We are passionate about coffee and search to only bring our customers the creme’ de la creme’ of the coffee beans that we source from all over the world!

~Keep your boots in the stirrups and your Bible in your saddle bag.
~ Kathleen ~–