Coffee has always been an important part of my life, especially working as a corporate and commercial flight attendant. It was necessary for those crack of dawn flights as well as the ‘Red Eye’ flights. Black gold!

Now, later in my life living on a ranch in Texas, it is necessary for the feeding and caring of the horses and Longhorns! As my husband says, and I quote, ” Cow’s Don’t Care” what time it is, if it’s a holiday or if you are sick. They need to be fed and cared for, just like my passengers.

It is also very much a social thing, in particular with our horses. We have what we refer to as “Horsebucks” . We bring them into the round pen one at a time and have our “Coffee & Crumpets.” Usually in our jammies and boots, before the craziness of our day begins. It is a time shared with our horses where we have one on one time with them to love on them, do some ground work and for them to enjoy their “Crumpets” horse treats. It has made such a difference in the bonding with each one of them.

As Equestrians know, it is imperative that your horse trusts you, after all, they are ‘fight or flight’ animals and it is all about trust when you saddle them up to go for a ride! We have found this to be so true. They are so loving and trusting of us, largely because of the time spent with them in the round pen, not only working on ground work, but just loving on them!

A dear friend of mine, Regina Miller Troyer hand-crafted my coffee. She has been in business for 15 years in her shop in Goshen, Indiana. She has travelled all over the world and is very knowledgeable regarding the beans, the roasting process and everything that has to do with coffee! She created two coffees that are exclusive to my brand, “Leather & Lace” A creamy caramel flavor with notes of Jamaican Rum. My other is “Classic Elegance” for those of you that don’t enjoy a flavored coffee. It is a blend of Guatemalan & Nicaraguan beans. Both are exquisite!  I’m blessed to be in partnership with her!