2021…. Jill, an amazing woman, friend, avid equestrian. A rough year for most of us. We lost a dear friend last week. Not only a friend but an incredibly accomplished woman. One of the artisans to my company. She was even more talented than I knew! She NEVER told me of all the many talents she possessed. One of the things I respect her for even more! Not only was she a hunter/ jumper, trail riding, horse loving, family adoring woman…. And there is so much more! A chef, funny, kind, adventurous…. I’ll try anything once, gal!

There won’t be anymore beautiful bareback rigging ‘saddles’ or hand- crafted saddle bags that she made for me. She is in a beautiful place where there is no more pain, no more suffering. She is with our Lord in heaven, where there are beautiful horses, two of mine…. Momma & Bandit, and I know she is riding them and loving on them in the most vibrant green pastures!

Thank you, Jill for always being kind when I was ignorant of your knowledge of horses! Happy trails, beautiful woman! Happy trails! Until we meet again!

~Keep your boots in the stirrups and your Bible in your saddle bag.
~ Kathleen ~–