Today, live from Kona, Hawaii, we will be joining the Oka Family Coffee Growers at their local Hawaiian Coffee Plantation. Their Coffee Plantation began as a simple family farm in 1890 and today, they are celebrating the 4th generation of the original Oka family members to enjoy and build upon this fascinating legacy of Growing The Best 100% Kona Coffee Beans. At their most generous personal invitation, this afternoon I will be joining the Beautiful Oka Family Plantation to personally roast and package their purest, richest and most flavorful 100% Kona Air-Roasted Coffee Beans for delivery and distribution to our Cowgirl Elegance warehouse on this Thursday, November 11th.

*** Only Custom Orders Placed By 8:00 P.M Wednesday, November 10th Will Not Be Charged Shipping From Kona, Hawaii To Our Whitehouse, Texas Warehouse ***

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Cowgirl Elegance will be bringing back, for Immediate Mainland Delivery the following:

Oka Family Plantation 100% Kona Coffee Peaberry Beans, of which only 3-5 % of the beans harvested qualify for the most exclusive and strictest of criteria achieve this coveted rating.  Peaberry Coffee is the World’s Most Sought after ‘Crème de la Crème’ in the elite world of coffee connoisseurs. Air Roasted.

$ 74.99 ***Only 10 Lbs. Left. ***

Each Bag Will Be #1-10.

Bag #10 Will Be The Last Of This Year’s Crop. Next Crop Is Not Guaranteed To Produce This Level of Perfect Bean.

Oka Family Plantation 100% Kona Fancy Coffee Medium Beans – Air Roasted – Fancy Beans account for approximately 38 percent of the Oka Family Plantation production.  This is a larger bean featuring somewhat less tasting acidity.  This bean is Air Roasted to a medium light brown and is the traditional roast for the Eastern Mainland. This Air Roast Comes With ”A Texas Kowboy Kaffeine Kick” in your  Saddle Bags. Beware Yankees and Small Children, This One Will Push You Back Above The Mason-Dixie Line & May Put A Little Hair On Your Chest !!!  $ 33.95 / L.B   ORDER NOW !!!

Oka Family Plantation 100% Kona Estate Coffee Medium Beans – This is the Classic Kona Roast is individually selected for Air Roasting to its unique level of flavorful-richness and aromatic perfection.  This is a Shear Delightful Infusion of the Finest Oka Family Plantation Beans. 55% Percent of the Plantations Precious, 4th Generation’s Land, Efforts and Love are dedicated to This Most Popular and Best Selling Kona Coffee Beans, therefore it is the most economical for coffee lovers throughout the world.  $ 31.95 / L.B   ORDER NOW !!!

Oka Family Plantation Kona White Coffee Beans – Enjoy 30 % more caffeine and more antioxidants without the coffee flavor. This particular Air Roast is like drinking the Finest and Smoothest of tea with suggestions  of Carmel and a hint of Nutmeg.  Cowgirl Elegance grinds to perfection these Delightful and One Of A Kind Coffees just for you so you will be able to enjoy a Taste Like No Other In The World !  $ 30.95 / L.B   ORDER NOW !!!

*** Only Custom Orders Placed By 8:00 P.M Wednesday, November 10th Will Not Be Charged Shipping From Kona, Hawaii To Our Whitehouse, Texas Warehouse ***

~Keep your boots in the stirrups and your Bible in your saddle bag.
~ Kathleen ~–