Did I tell y’all that I love horses?

Did I tell y’all that I love horses?

When my hubs and I want to go on a quick ride, we saddle up Lucy & Cody and take a ride to my sisters-in-law homes a couple properties down the road.

Well, this weekend, it was quite entertaining! We stopped by Pat’s home to see her project of re-painting the interior of her home and sit on the patio, as she always has some peach tea awaiting our arrival. We stepped inside for a moment to take a look at her project before walking out to sit for a bit on her patio.

To our surprise and entertainment, I Love LUCY and her sidekick, Cody, were helping themselves to her bird feeder LOL!

Y’all…. I can’t make this up haha! Enjoy!

Keep your boots in the stirrups and have a blessed day!