Meet the newest members of our Ranch – Miss Chloe Rae and Lil’ Bit

We have cattle, and my husband saw the neighbor’s Border Collie, Jake, work our cattle last year.  He said it was like watching “dog ballet” versus brut strength and aggression. His dog made it look easy.

So I called him and asked that if he had puppies to give me a call.  I wanted ‘pick of the litter’ for my hubs.

He obliged. A few weeks ago, he called me and asked me to come over and chose one. I have always loved the “runt,” so I chose “Lil Bit”.

We had her for less than a day when he said “go choose one for yourself,” so I did! Miss Chloe Rae is my little truck buddy! I take her with me everywhere I go! She loves riding in the truck!

The girls do everything together! It’s adorable, and I’m so glad we have two. They make us laugh every day!

Did you know that Border Collies are considered to be the most intelligent of all domestic dogs? They naturally know how to herd cattle, and if you have never seen these dogs work, be sure to take a look at it! It’s amazing how they inherently know their job!

Animals never cease to amaze me, each one beautifully and wonderfully made!

What breed of dog do you have? leave your comments and let me know why you chose the dog you did.

Keep your boots in the stirrups and have a blessed day!